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High-speed Film Coating Die Series

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Jwell Company’s high-speed film coating die adopt T-type thick edge with manual adjustment system to simplify the product width switching operation and online adjusting. Each independent edge adjusting system can minimize the thick edge issues. Thus effectively reducing the waste of the polymer and the substrate. This dies suitable for the produce the width below 5000mm, thickness of 0.012-0.12mm of PP, PE, PET, EVA coating products.

Quickly and accurately adjust the width, the overall action of the closure assembly to complete width
adjustment. Once the products to achieve the desired edge thickness requirements, adjust the settings of the closure system is fixed down after repeated adjust the width are no longer re-adjust closure system.
Quick clean-up and maintenance. The operator can quickly open the thick edge width adjustment system, insert the brass scraper to remove carbonized polymer.
Highly efficient sealing Structure: Uses a unique cooling seali ng structure, to ensure the long-term
production of plastic does not leak.
Safety:Adopts incomplete closure of the built-in stainless steel heating, efficiency and energy saving.

1. Jwell is the largest plastic extrusion machine manufacturer in China.We work closely with world famous brand , your equipment can also be equipped with  any component brand you wish .

2. Jwell has twin parrel screw extrusion test line and single screw test line . Our test lab support you test under realistic production conductions as well as further enhance your processing technology through our test and help you choose the right type of equipment .

3. Working with Jwell you can be confident that your service and maintenance requirements will be correctly documented and that you have exactly the right resources and skills in place before start-up. Our experienced team will work with you to identify the people, resources and process documentation you will need to support your maintenance activities.
4. Jwell provides technical, driving and systems training to employees and engineers from supplier from all over the world.

All the machines are packaged by our professional team, will be packed by wooden pallet. For some important spare parts, we will pack with the wooden box.

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