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CHINAPLAS2018 Excellent Equipment-- Full Electric Blow Molding Machine


Suzhou  Jwell Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd  will exhibit a developed JWZ-EBM-850S all-electric blow molding machine @8.1D85. Looking forward to your visit.

The production line can meet the requirements for cleanliness of machines and products in the food, medical, pharmaceutical, and sanitary industries. Compared with the traditional hydraulic blow molding machine, the all-electric blow molding machine adopts full servo motor drive, energy saving is about 30%, no oil leakage, low noise, keeping the workshop clean and tidy; equipment operation is more stable, higher precision, positioning More accurate, faster and more efficient.

1、(Platen moving stroke 850mm, single station, one to four 170mm center distance) mold Raw material plasticizing, extruding, platen moving & clamping and blowing are all driven by high-performance servo motors, completely replacing traditional hydraulic drive technology, more energy saving and environmental protection.

2、Both servo drive system and industrial PC system use B&R's high-performance products to fully respond to customers' high-end requirements of blowing equipment.

3、Platen moving & clamping adopt full-servo motor ,cooperating with the crankshaft and connecting rod mechanism, optimizing motion curve via professional technology, then up to moving fast and operation stable.This prototype can pilot run in present customer’s factory for comparison.

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