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Equipment--JWZ-BM30F/160F/230F Float Bowl Blow Molding Machine




JWZ-BM30F/160F/230F Float Bowl Blow Molding Machine

 The excellent lake fishery environment combined with high-yielding cage fish culture technology has changed the traditional simple fishing mode, produced high-quality aquatic products, established an efficient market competitiveness, and promoted the rapid development of Lake cage fish culture. There are various methods for offshore plastic aquaculture. The floating platform built by buoys and the underwater part captured by fishing nets are the choices of most people nowadays. Customers can decide the size of the fish pond by themselves, which is extremely convenient. The installation and transportation of Xinyi buoy is simple, and can be decomposed into single specifications. The installation combination is flexible and changeable according to the water conditions at the installation site. In view of the harsh situation of large span and rapid flow in the water area, the interception by stages can be implemented, which can effectively reduce the inconvenience in the installation process, and can also solve the high-intensity impact produced by the decomposition flow more effectively and better to achieve better results. Installation cost and post-maintenance cost are low. After installation, there is no need to maintain and maintain frequently, which saves huge maintenance cost in the later period and saves human cost better. Anti-corrosion, anti-freezing, anti-oxidation, anti-purple line reinforced material, not subject to sea water, chemicals, chemicals, oil stains and aquatic organisms erosion; no pollution, no damage to the environment. The product has a service life of more than 15 years. Except for the poor use of strong natural force and man-made, it does not need to spend any maintenance fees and maintenance fees. It is easy to assemble, convenient and flexible. The circular and semi-circular structure can carry all kinds of pipeline laying. It can save a large number of maintenance and repair costs. 



The production line has the following advantages:

1. Suitable for the production of various specifications of small floats and large aquaculture floats;

2. Adopt high output extrusion system and storage die;

3.Adopt energy-saving service system.



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