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High-end manufacturers of insulation pipe equipment ——Shanghai Jwell Machinery


JWELL company actively responds to market demand, and once again undertake the production line of large diameter 2 meters insulation pipe extrusion line.

At present,  Shanghai JWELL Pipe Equipment Company has continuously supplied 14 production lines of 2 meters super-large diameter insulation pipe to the market. Have the most mature design experience and stable equipment quality!
Super large caliber 2 meters PE thermal insulation pipe production line which manufactured in SHANGHAI JWELL PIPE EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD , have a leading position in the industry, and the design is unique and novel . Adopt high efficiency single screw extruder , high degree of automation, easy operation, continuous production, stable and reliable.Due to the equipment production is stable ,mature technology ,customers are very satisfied .
PE insulation pipe also called PE outer protective tube, jacket tube, sleeve tube .Direct burying PE insulation pipe is made up of high density polyethylene outer protective layer, polyurethane rigid foam plastic insulation material and steel pipe.The insulation material is rigid polyurethane foam ,the density is 60kg/m3~80kg/m3 , fully fill the gap between steel pipe and casing pipe,and have a certain degree of adhesive strength. Form a firm whole between the steel pipe, the outer tube and the insulation layer. Foam of Polyurethane directly buried insulating pipe has good mechanical and thermal insulation properties . Under normal situation, it can withstand high temperatures of 120°C and can withstand high temperatures up to 180°C through modification or combination with other insulation materials.Applicable to a variety of cold, hot water, high and low temperature pipeline’s insulation engineering.
Product characteristics of PE insulation pipe
Widely used in liquid, gas transmission network, chemical pipelineinsulation engineering petroleum, chemical, central heating network, centralair conditioning ventilation pipeline and municipal engineering.
●The project cost is low.
●Less land occupation, faster construction and better environmental protection.
●Jacket tube saves energy, preservative, good insulation and long     service life.
●All leakage alarm lines are provided for safety. Once the leakage     occurs somewhere in the pipeline, through the conduction of the alarm     line, the exact location and degree of leakage of the insulation pipeline can be displayed on the special testing instrument, so as to inform the     leaking personnel to deal with the leaking pipe quickly and ensure the safe  operation of the heating network.
JWELL insulation pipe production line performance
1.The extruder uses a new design of high efficiency single screw , introduce the most advanced technology to manufacture from abroad . Motor driven, Siemens PLC processor, ensure the equipment operation is stable and reliable . Host temperature control system is consist of Siemens PLC control system and expansion module . Temperature control accuracy can be controlled at ±0.5°C.
2.The mold uses a spiral structure, high-quality alloy steel forging ; Temperature control of mold core adopt electric heating .Temperature control have high precision , oil guide copper tube will not aggregate carbon . Heating ring distribute in more area , temperature adjustment for each area of the mold is controllable .
3. The vacuum tank isadopted modular design. The flange of the vacuum setting box and the spraycooling box is made of stainless steel. The nozzle adopts quick change typejoint, which is convenient for cleaning and replacement, and overcomes thedefects of fixed installation and disassembly.
4. Caterpillar type haul off machine , it is easy operation, less waste of pipe, and large traction, stable operation.
5. Cutting machine’s feed arm adopts steel structure, high strength, and durable .
6.Technical data
Since its inception,Shanghai JWELL Pipe Equipment Co., Ltd. has focused on customer needs, combinedwith the advantages of advanced pipe equipment at home and abroad, strived toprovide high cost-effective equipment for the market, and constantly meetcustomer's growing technological needs, introduce advanced productiontechnology and advanced design concepts to terminal customers.

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