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How do you summarize 2020 and embrace 2021?


There are many ways to welcome the New Year. The long-distance running event organized by Jwell may be a special one.

At 8:00 on January 1, 2021, employees from various factories of Jwell Company lined up neatly on the square. Jwell people dressed in "China Red" and "Vitality Blue" costumes brought a touch of bright color to the winter factory. Today, the temperature of each factory area is minus 5℃. While most people are still enjoying the warmth of the bed, Jwell people start the new year in a special way.

New Year's Day long-distance running, as a traditional sports activity loved by employees of Jwell Company, has been successfully held for 15 sessions so far. It has a wide range of influence and has become a brand activity of Jwell Company’s corporate culture to resign from the old and welcome the new.

Run through the new year and open the future!

Ride on the momentum and start a new journey!

"Long-distance running fitness, often running to keep the heart healthy." The 15-year long-distance running on New Year’s Day has witnessed the growth of Jwell people. The significance of the long-distance running on New Year’s Day has long surpassed the activity itself. We not only hope that everyone will turn the long-distance running into a “normal run”, but also pay attention to regular exercise, with a healthy body and abundant energy. In the future work and life, it also fully demonstrates the spirit of Jwell people's high spirits and courage.

Every year, we greet the New Year with running; every year, we create brilliance with running. On the first day of 2021, we once again ran through the New Year with our heads up and greeted the first light of the new year with running. We grew up with a faint light. We moved forward and took advantage of the momentum. We ran out of style, and we will also be in the future. Good results every day!

Brand new environment, unfolding blueprint, blooming passion, invincible!

Go all the way and run into a new golden age!

No winter is insurmountable, and no spring will not come. In 2021,Jwell Machinery will also usher in the golden moment of development. Facing the increasingly fierce market competition and industry situation, Jwell people will continue to adhere to the spirit of "persistence and innovation", work together and work together to achieve the same goal, continue to run, and run into a new golden era!

We will continue to be together in 2021, and we will remain persistent and passionate about this industry. Let us renew and set off together and witness new miracles!

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