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Jwell Machinery In CHINAPLAS 2024


The four-day CHINAPLAS2024 has been successfully concluded. Everyday Jwell has in-depth communication with customers and partners. We have witnessed countless wonderful moments together and left a beautiful mark on each other.


Focusing on the trend of "high-end, intelligent and green development" in the rubber and plastic industry, Jwell made its debut with a number of core solutions. With efficient and leading technical advantages and diversified application scenarios, it accurately responds to customer needs and market changes. The site attracts industry experts and technology innovators from around the world, and displays the latest trends and cutting-edge technologies in the extrusion segment.

Exhibition highlights

Fully Automatic Paper Mold Truss Tableware Machine


Using renewable plant resources such as wheat grass, reed, bagasse and other plant fibers, through the method of molding, the production of various fiber daily necessities, fiber paper mold tableware, fiber paper mold tray, fiber paper mold industrial shock pad and packaging tray, non-planar fiber paper mold decorative wall board and non-planar fiber paper mold three-dimensional products.

◎Applicable product range: Pulp molded tableware category
◎Function: Integrated completion of shaping, transfer, trimming, stacking and conveying.
◎Forming method: salvaging slurry
◎Page size: 950mm * 950mm (or 1100mm * 1100mm)
◎Heating method: thermal oil or electric heating
◎Maximum boosting pressure of the molding machine: gas-liquid boosting of 40 tons
◎Edge cutting machine pressure: 60 tons
◎Product transfer method: truss mechanical arm external transfer
◎Maximum height of production product: 80mm

CFRTP-UD Unidirectional belt lab machine


The test line is mainly used for the experiment and production of CFRTP-UD unidirectional strip. CFRTP unidirectional strip is a monolayer fiber reinforced thermal and plastic composite sheet after continuous fiber is spread and smoothed and impregnated with thermoplastic resin. The characteristics are that the fibers are arranged parallel to each other, (0° direction), without interweaving.

Technical parameters
● Base resin: PP, PE, PET, PA6, PPS, PEEK, etc
● Fiber type: glass fiber, carbon fiber, arylon fiber, basalt fiber
● Product thickness: 0.15~0.45mm
● Product width: 50~300mm
● Product surface density: 100~650gsm
● Product fiber content: 40%~70%
● Traction speed: 5~20m/min

PE stone paper production line


Stone paper does not need trees & use plant fiber to make paper, protect the natural ecology, is a kind of environmental protection product. The stone paper made of PE+ calcium stone powder is fully mixed, easy to write and print, moisture-proof and moisture-proof, resistant to folding and tearing, and can be used in packaging, office paper, printed photo albums, decorative wallpaper and other fields.

Jwell offers a full range of equipment required for stone paper production, including processes such as mixed granulation, squeeze casting, stretch reinforcement, surface coating, winding, and slitting. The production line adopts PLC integrated control, with fast production speed, high efficiency and low cost. The finished stone paper has a smooth surface and good quality.

Storage-winding system


The winding machine is suitable for the winding of TPU film and coated products. The system adopts the control mode of servo control and tension detection to achieve the constant tension winding state. The constant tension mode ensures that the film is wrinkle-free, smooth and beautiful during the winding process. The double station winder realizes the function of automatic cutting and automatic winding, which can improve the speed of the production line, save time and reduce manual operation.

● Double station automatic winder
● Structure: automatic cutting. Automatic turnover
● Reel: three-inch spline type pneumatic expansion shaft
● Reel installation: cylinder clamping
● Winding drive: servo motor drive
● Tension sensor: Italian brand
● Winding diameter :Φ800mm
● Winding width :2000mm
● Winding speed :50m/min

High barrier MDOPE blow coating production line


5-layer co-extrusion online MDO+ online coating single material high barrier blown film solution

● It is preferred to replace aluminum foil liquid milk pack
● Easy to recycle and degrade
● Microwave heating
● Low OTR < 0.1
● Oxygen permeability <0.1

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