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On the second day of the exhibition, everyone was smiling happily


After two days of brilliant, I thought that we always left some tired on the face, but everyone's state or immersed in the excited state of work, has been filled with a happy smile.


  •       Hot spot consulting contract constantly

At the exhibition site, before and after the booth of JWELL and inside and outside of the reception room on the second floor, the popularity is very hot. Our reception staff can't stop at all, and actively respond to every customer demand, bringing professional service to customers!Consulting, contacting, signing orders continuously...Deeply feel everyone's concern and trust to JWELL!



  • The visitors are coming in an endless stream

Jin Wei booth, is everybody release energy, display style of the big stage, under our enthusiasm, customers show interest to JWELL various products, so the sales personnel engaged in, methodical work, patience to introduce all kinds of products, answer customer consultation, everybody busy, but could see that everyone is permeated with a happy smile on their faces.




  • Brand is power brand is value

Today the exhibition scene unusually hot, a lot of converse or follow the old customers and new customers came to Jin Wei booth, thus JWELL brand is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, not only more let everybody believe - brand is power, brand value, find JWELL machinery is to find high quality supplier, look for the right brand is the guarantee of success!

"I have been a customer of JWELL for many years, and I always choose you because of the good quality and after-sales service of your equipment."Listen to customers like this, the sales staff more energetic, can not live up to the customer's trust in us, we will provide you with better quality products and services.





  • The most authentic experience witnessed the brand strength of JWELL

Chinaplas2019 is in full swing. With a strong product lineup, innovative technical foundation and professional overall solutions, JWELL focuses on "intelligent manufacturing, high-tech materials and environmental protection technology" to comprehensively demonstrate the technological feast brought by the plastic machine industry.





Enthusiasm and efficient day gradually came to a close, customers with a satisfied smile, JWELL friends with full of a sense of achievement, in the departure of the, Jin Wei this gorgeous booth temporarily quiet again, at that time, we settled down to, use a heart to understand our audience booths and exhibits, is a kind of quiet beauty, as if looking forward to the new tomorrow.

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