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PVC-UH pipe---a new choice for urban pipe network


In recent years, urban pipeline explosion, water leakage and other phenomena occur frequently, which has caused a great impact on people's life and travel.  For the municipal pipeline choice, people also began to have higher requirements.  Therefore, a new kind of pipe came into being, it is high-performance PVC-UH pipe.

As a professional manufacturer of domestic plastic pipe industry equipment,Jwell Machinery Co., Ltd. focuses on plastic pipe extrusion equipment manufacturing and a full range of professional technical services, and continues to improve product quality and research and development technology strength, strengthen the core competitiveness of multiple products,  The PVC-UH pipe equipment is made with new technology, new concept and new process. According to different diameters and production requirements, there are various specifications and models of PVC special twin screw extrusion machine for choice.  Specially designed screw structure, plasticizing uniform, high output.  PVC extrusion die head is made of high quality alloy steel, high brightness and anti-corrosion treatment on the surface of the runner.  Wide runner design ensures melt residence time in die head and maximum extrusion output.

PVC-UH pipe is a new type of pipe for water supply and drainage, which can be divided into:
Water supply pipe(normally is blue)
Drainage pipe(normally is green)
Compared with the traditional PVC-U pipe, it has an extra "H" in the name“H” means“High Performance”
So what are their advantages compared to existing PVC-U pipes?
1:Strict control of raw materials
PVC-UH pipe material adopts a unique green and environmentally friendly lead-free formula, and has been tested by a third-party authoritative testing organization.  The sanitary performance of the product fully meets the drinking water sanitation and safety standards.  For the production of pipe materials, strict raw material performance testing is implemented to improve product quality from the source.

2:Better pipeline performance
PVC-UH water supply pipe is compared with ordinary PVC-U pipe
1. It adopts unique high-performance and low-density formula, which is lighter and lower in transportation and installation costs;
2. The stress of hydraulic rings of all specifications is 42MPa, an increase of 10.52%;
3. The dichloromethane immersion test time is doubled, and the degree of plasticization of the material is higher;
4. When squashed to 40% of the outer diameter or even higher displacement, the pipe has no cracks and has good toughness;
5. The tensile strength of the pipeline is increased by 10%-20%.

PVC-UH drainage pipe is compared with ordinary PVC-U pipe
1. The hydraulic performance test of pipes has been added. At 20℃, 4 times the nominal pressure, the pressure is maintained for 1 hour without rupture and no leakage. It can also be used as a low-pressure water delivery system pipeline;
2. The ring stiffness grade is set according to the wall thickness, the highest ring stiffness grade is SN16, and the resistance to geological settlement is stronger;
3. When squashed to 40% of the outer diameter or even higher displacement, the pipe has no cracks and has good toughness.

3:Stronger sealing
PVC-UH pipe material adopts super strong steel frame sealing ring and one-time flaring forming process. The steel frame sealing rubber ring and the pipe are integrally formed. The rubber ring made of EPDM material, with built-in steel frame, has a double holding and anti-drop structure, and has strong anti-aging, anti-compression deformation capabilities, long service life, excellent sealing performance, and can still be maintained within a certain deflection angle. The tightness of the connection can effectively prevent leakage caused by the displacement and vibration of the pipe.

4:Construction efficiency is more efficient
The existing PVC pipes on the market require the construction personnel to manually place the rubber ring or apply glue when connecting. Due to the comprehensive superposition of the different experience of the construction personnel and the uncertain factors of the on-site environment, the rubber ring may be reinstalled during the installation process after the rubber ring is placed. Extrusion often results in looseness and dislocation, uneven glue application, and corrosion to the pipeline, which can easily lead to hidden dangers such as leakage in the subsequent pipeline network during operation.

When the PVC-UH pipe is flared, a special process is used to make the rubber ring and the socket integrally formed. After the construction is completed, the rubber ring is stable and does not shift, and the rubber ring will not fall out in the case of non-violent damage, which improves the installation speed and sealing strength.
As a new type of pipe, PVC-UH also has the characteristics of light weight, low fluid resistance, low comprehensive use cost and long life. It can be widely used in municipal and outdoor water supply piping systems, building water supply piping systems, municipal drainage and sewage drainage, and construction drainage. Sewage, chemical, pharmaceutical sewage systems and other fields.

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