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Report from Chinaplas 2018 and Suzhou Jwell open day


Jwell style

As the leading enterprise of extrusion machinery industry, Jwell Machinery is aiming on insisting, fighting and innovating, focusing on customer experience, building a intelligentized global extrusion equipment eco-chain! On Chinaplas 2018, Jwell’s elites were fighting their way….

Jwell open day

In order to give our customers a deeper understanding of Jwell faculties’ elegant style and the professional manufacturing capacity of Jwell, Suzhou Jwell launched the activity of open day during Chinaplas 2018 , which could let global customers come to the company. Now let’s  review the spectacular event of Suzhou Jwell’s open day.

Go to Jwell

Guided by Jwell’s usher, customers all over the world went to Jwell happily. Jwell arranged bus to send customers to Suzhou Jwell.

Hearty lunch
Jwell prepared hearty lunch for customers all over the world, letting every friend coming to Jwell have a comfortable experience.
Visit Jwell
After lunch, Jwell’s elites took customers all over the world visit Jwell, making a vivid and detailed introduction of various equipments for customer, that could let customers have a better understanding of Jwell’s equipment and Jwell’s manufacturing.



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