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TPU car clothing film


Today, let’s introduce the industrial chain of clothing film. What is car clothing film? In fact, it is the protective film of a car, similar to the protective shell/protective film of a mobile phone. Many people have their cars scratched, scratched by branches, hit by small rocks, etc. If these can repair themselves, that would be great! The car coat film is to solve this problem for everyone.

Scratches: scratches on the paint surface caused by various sharp objects, cut marks left by the strong impact of the water gun during car washing.
Accidental scratching: When the vehicle is in storage or parking, it may also be scratched when accidentally scratching the cargo on and off the trunk.
External pollution: Graffiti, water stains, dust and other external pollution will adhere to the paint surface.
Oxidation and acid rain: The car is exposed to the outdoor environment for a long time, and the contact with air, ultraviolet rays or acid rain will cause the paint surface to oxidize and fade.
Bird droppings and insect corpses: When in close contact with nature, bird droppings and insect corpses are also a big killer of car paint.
Sand and stone splash: In the process of high-speed driving, it is always inevitable to be hit by flying sand and stone.

What is car clothing film
Invisible car jacket, a high-performance transparent film that can resist a lot of scratches and car wash scratches when attached to the car. The standard term is "paint protective film", which is the same as the mobile phone film. The purpose is to protect the car paint from being scratched. flower! Full English name: Paint Protective Film (referred to as PPF). Since there are almost no traces after being attached to the paint surface of a car, it is commonly called invisible car jacket.

What material is the car clothing film made of? First of all, let us imagine that since it is to be invisible, the material must be transparent; the transparent film must be able to repair itself and resist minor collisions, so it must be resilient; it must be weather-resistant and resistant to weathering and rain every day. Yellowing; Of course, there must be a certain breaking strength.

The car clothing film is actually mainly composed of TPU substrate and functional TPU coating, as well as acrylic copolymer back glue, plus the attached film for transportation and storage and the release film for filming. There are a total of 5 layers; of course, the functional coating may also There are other functional layers.

No industry can be separated from equipment. JWELL car clothing film production line adopts a specially designed patented casting compound molding technology, a special extrusion screw design for TPU aliphatic materials, and a fully automatic upper and lower release film unwinding device. , On-line automatic adjustment and control of diaphragm thickness, fully automated winding system and other industry advanced mature technologies to realize the automatic and stable operation of the production line.


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