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Sustainability and Social Responsibility


As the Vice President unit of China Plastics Machinery Industry Association, Jwell Group deeply understands that environmental and market sustainability is not only an attitude, but also an important part of our business.


In order to achieve environmental sustainability, social value creation and the sustainable enhancing of its own enterprise value at the same time, Jwell Group constantly improves the development of the entire industrial chain, from plastic pellet granulation machinery to various products extrusion machinery manufacturing, such as plastic sheet, pipe, profile extrusion equipment, blow molding equipment, chemical fiber spinning equipment, to plastic recycling equipment manufacturing,Jwell Group provides one-stop plastic industry equipment, and Jwell Group will make the following contributions to stakeholders:

For global environment
Jwell Group will reduce unnecessary business activities, optimize the management of the entire supply chain system, strengthen the publicity and implementation of the concept of environmental protection in all links, reduce the impact on the environment, and make contributions to the protection of the environment.

For global customers
Jwell Group will provide high quality products, first-class service, timely and effective communication with global customers, help customers solve problems, and contribute to the sustainable development of the global economy.

For our people
Jwell Group provides a safe, healthy and open working environment for all employees, respects each employee and his/her family, provides various professional skills training, and cares for all employees' living conditions.

For our partners
Jwell Group maintains a fair and just trading attitude towards all partners, eliminates all possible sources of corruption, and jointly promotes the technological development of the entire social economy.

Social Responsibility

Jwell Group cares about the children's education in the underdeveloped area, and sends stationery supplies to the children every year to convey love.


Over the years, Jwell Group has been cooperating with universities and colleges to set up "Jwell Class", which is committed to the integration of industry and education. In terms of talent training objectives, aiming to have more application-oriented skilled talents that can be suitable for industry according to actual development needs.