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Characteristics and application of PP hollow sheet

August 18,2022

PP hollow sheet is a new kind of material, with light weight, material environmental pollution, and corrosion resistance, water resistance, but also has the advantages of shock. The structure of PP hollow sheet is designed to be hollow, so it is also known as hollow sheet , corrugated sheet , double wall sheet and universal sheet . PP hollow sheet because of its unique advantages, now in the packaging, advertising and decoration industry is very common, and its rich color, decorative effect is very good.

The application scope of plastic PP hollow sheet is as follows:

1.PP hollow sheet is a kind of environmental protection material that can replace wood, metal plate and corrugated board, so the above three kinds of materials can be used as hollow board as a substitute.

2 PP hollow sheet in industrial construction, can be used as a variety of items of outer packaging protection material, so it can be used as a shelf, partition, bottom plate, pad, cross plate and so on.

3 PP hollow sheet in the field of packaging is mainly used to make turnover box, whether it is electronics, medicine, food and other industries can use hollow board to do turnover box. It can provide good protection for precision instruments and electronic components.

4 PP hollow sheet is very common in the advertising and decoration industry, and these two industries are also the most recent two industries in contact with our daily life. If you pay attention to it, you will find that a lot of advertisements, signs, light boxes and Windows are made of hollow boards. Hollow board is often used in interior decoration design, for example, as a temporary partition of a room, as a ceiling board in the ceiling, wall decoration as a guard board, and can also be used as a cover plate of a container.

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