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Common modification methods and applications of ABS materials

January 10,2022

ABS resin is the most widely used polymer with the largest production volume. It organically unifies the various properties of PS, SAN and BS, and has excellent mechanical properties of toughness, rigidity and stiffness in balance.
Modified ABS materials are mainly modified by filling, blending, enhancing or adding various additives or alloys to improve the flame retardancy, strength, impact resistance, toughness and other properties of ABS plastic products.
ABS material modification method
PC/ABSis to improve ABS flame retardant, with good mechanical strength, toughness and flame retardancy, used in building materials, automotive and electronics industries, such as doing television sets, office automation equipment shells and telephones. PC/ ABS alloy in the PC contribution to heat resistance, toughness, impact strength, strength flame retardancy, ABS advantages of good processability, apparent quality and low density, to the automotive industry parts For the application focus.

ABS/PAare impact resistant, chemical resistant, good flow and heat resistant materials used for automotive interior trim, industrial parts such as power tools, sporting goods, lawn mowers and snow blowers, office equipment housings, etc.

ABS/PBThas good heat resistance, strength, chemical resistance and fluidity, and is suitable for automotive interior parts and motorcycle exterior gasket parts.

Permanent antistatic properties ofantistatic ABS materialswith added antistatic agents are mainly used in the following applications: transferring paper mechanisms for copiers, fax machines, etc., video and advanced audio tapes, etc.

High gloss ABSis used for vacuum cleaners, electric fans, air conditioners, telephones and other home appliance products. Low gloss ABS is used for dashboards, instrument covers, pillars and other automotive interior parts, which are filled with coarse filler methods to make the surface microscopically shrink and reduce the surface gloss.

Flame retardant ABS resinhas good impact strength and surface hardness within a certain temperature range, good dimensional stability, certain chemical resistance and good electrical insulation. Flame retardant ABS materials are widely used in industrial fields such as mechanical parts, automotive parts, electronic appliances, instruments and meters, textiles and construction.

Heat-resistant ABS materialhas good impact strength and surface hardness within a certain temperature range, and poly has good dimensional stability, excellent chemical resistance and good electrical insulation. It is widely used in the field of automobile parts, such as automobile instrument panels, exterior body panels, interior trim panels, steering wheels, sound insulation panels, door locks, bumpers, ventilation ducts and many other parts.

Downstream applications of modified ABS materials

25b6Application of ABS resin in packaging

ABS tray:Thermoforming tray products are one of the plastic blister packaging within the use of features to protect the packaging items, the use of the effect is to do to facilitate and enhance sales. ABS resin has high strength, good toughness, good wear resistance, and easy processing molding, suitable for making blister trays.
Precision instrument cases, travel cases: precision instrument cases, travel cases require high mechanical properties of the material, ABS has high impact strength, not easy to deformation, good resistance to liquids, used to make the case.

Anti-static packaging:ABS resin has excellent electrical insulation, when it is in contact with other material surfaces or rubbing against each other, it generates electrostatic accumulation, the voltage can reach several dry volts, resulting in dust absorption, electric shock and electric morning, and even spark discharge, resulting in a lot of trouble and great harm in the production and use process. Fill it with conductive material or add antistatic agent to modify it into antistatic ABS, and make it into special antistatic packaging for optical lens.

Transparent packaging box:ABS resin is an opaque resin, if the three components of acrylonitrile, butadiene, styrene and then add methyl methacrylate, after graft copolymerization reaction can be made transparent ABS resin. Transparent ABS has high transparency, good solvent resistance and high impact strength, and can be used as packaging boxes for watches, headphones, food, etc.
Electronics casing: ABS is a flammable material, to which a reactive flame retardant mixture is added to obtain a flame retardant ABS that can be used as a casing for electronic products.

25b6Application of ABS resin in the automotive industry

Instrument panel:Automotive instrument panel is a thin-walled, large volume, with a lot of holes and holes for mounting instruments and complex-shaped parts. ABS plastic has excellent heat resistance, impact resistance and rigidity, suitable for making instrument panels.

Exterior panels:In the exterior panels, the material should not only have excellent impact strength, but also have sufficient heat resistance, rigidity and be able to withstand 140~160℃ baking temperature on the assembly line without deformation and excellent oil resistance, etc. The alloy of ABS resin and engineering plastics has excellent heat resistance, impact resistance and rigidity, and can be used for car fenders, bodywork, doors and front guards.

Car interior decoration:car interior decoration plays an important role in the comfort and safety of the car, most of the modern car interior decorative panels integral molding, luxury appearance, the general choice of ABS resin, ABS resin is usually injection molding or thermoforming manufacturing skeleton, the outer panel composite decorative fabrics.

Steering wheel:The steering wheel is an important part of the car. ABS resin has good heat resistance, cold resistance, wear resistance, surface gloss and other properties, and is widely used in the steering wheel of the car.

25b6Application of ABS resin in electrical and electronic industry

Application on electric refrigerator:Electric refrigerator is used for food storage, so ABS resin is used in addition to mechanical properties, but also requires non-toxic, non-mold, non-odor, non-stick food, low temperature resistance, crack resistance, edible oil resistance, foam resistance, good adiabatic effect, etc. In addition, with the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to the quality of life, in order to meet the pursuit of clean and comfortable living environment requirements, the emergence of fresh refrigerators with antibacterial ABS resin, its antibacterial properties mainly by the role of its antibacterial agent.

Application on TV:ABS resin used on TV should have excellent heat resistance, flame retardant, rigidity, dimensional stability, voltage resistance, corona resistance, arc resistance, mechanical properties and creep resistance, so to ensure that the TV toward excellent performance, a multi-purpose direction of development. ABS resin is mainly used for TV shell, TV back cover, TV receiver front panel, TV channel cover, junction board and other parts.

Application in washing machine:ABS resin used in washing machine has excellent heat resistance, impact resistance, chemical resistance, electrical properties and molding properties. ABS resin is mainly used in washing machine liner, shell, decorative plate, switch, button, motor bottom plate, drainage valve and other parts.

The application of air conditioner:the use of ABS resin has excellent rigidity, creep resistance, impact resistance, vibration resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, weather resistance and flame retardant, while requiring ABS resin has excellent fluidity, size temperature, ultrasonic welding. ABS is mainly used for air conditioner shell, base plate, filter frame, control board, fan shell, blade, baffle and exhaust pipe. Motor seat, junction box, etc.

Application of ABS resin in building materials industry
Water pipe:resin non-toxic, odourless, impermeable to water, impact strength, creep resistance, wear resistance and heat resistance is good, suitable for water pipe.

ABS sanitary ware:ABS resin used for sanitary ware should have excellent heat resistance, impact resistance, rigidity, heat preservation and small water absorption.

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