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Connection modes of PE pipes

May 12,2022

For connecting of Polyethylene pipes and pipes, pipes and fittings, polyethylene pipes and metal pipes, there are many connection modes. Different connection modes have their own advantages and limitations. Users can choose suitable connection methods according to the pipe size, working pressure and using condition. The most commonly used connection methods of polyethylene pipes for urban water supply are: hot melt connection,electric fusion connection, socket flexible connection, flange connection, steel plastic transition joint connection, etc.

Hot melt connection

The hot melt connection of polyethylene pipe system includes hot melt butt (including saddle connection) and hot melt socket connection. Hot melt socket connection is suitable for pipes and fittings with relatively small diameter (generally less than DN63mm in diameter), because pipes and fittings with small diameter have thin wall and small section, and it is difficult to ensure quality by butt connection. Hot melt butt is suitable for pipe fittings with large diameter. Compared with socket connection, it uses less material and is easy to manufacture. In addition, the oxidized surface layer is cut off before welding, and the welding pressure can be controlled and the quality is easy to guarantee. The Pe pipe heat capacity connection is the use of hot melt welding machine to heat the pipe end, andthe PPR pipehot melt connection way is similar, but the welding temperature is different, PPR pipe is 260℃, Pe is 230℃, until the melting, will need to connect the two parts of pressure, keep the cooling fixed.

Electric fusion connection

Put the PE electric fusion fitting to cover on the PE pipes, and then turn on electric fusion welding machine to melt the inner surface of the electric fusion fitting and the outer surface of pipes. After cooling, the pipe and fitting are fused together, so that the connection is very firm.

Flange connection

When PE pipes need to be connected with metal pipes, valves and other water facilities, flange connection is required. To choose the flange according to the size of the connecting pipe, through the flange fastening fixed pipe and connection, so that the flange connection and flange piece close contact, to achieve the purpose of connection.

Socket type flexible connection

Insert one end of PE pipe directly into the reinforced polyethylene socket of the pipe or pipe fitting, and connect the pipe and pipe fitting through the locking ring in the socket and the rubber sealing ring.

Steel plastic transition joint connection

The PE pipe is connected to the metal pipe with a steel plastic transition head prefabricated by cold pressing or other means. The steel plastic transition joint has a pull-resistant locking ring and sealing ring.

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