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Die Price of Aluminum Alloy Extruder and Method of Eliminating Product Defects

January 06,2020

Although thealuminum alloy extruderis the main key word, the extrusion die furnace is also an auxiliary equipment for aluminum alloy doors and windows. When we know about the extruder, we may learn the relevant knowledge of the auxiliary equipment, so that it can be used correctly instead of wrongly.

1. How much does the die furnace foraluminum alloy extruderneed? What expenses are included in its mould?
In the production of aluminum alloy doors and windows products, besides the extruder, the mold furnace is also essential. The price of a set of mold furnace is about 20,000 to 30,000 yuan, which is also in line with the current domestic market. As for the costs included in the mold, including material costs, electrical costs, machining costs, heat treatment costs, assembly costs and management fees, these are essential. Among them, the management fees are generally increased by 30% to 50%. It is better to contact the manufacturer to make a budget.

2. Why does the die fail and wear during aluminum extrusion? Can it be prevented and solved in advance?
As long as any machine has production, there will be corresponding wear and tear, and the die in the extruder will also have different degrees of wear and tear or failure, which is generally caused by wear and tear in the process of use or cracking due to insufficient strength of the die. Among them, some wear and tear can be prevented and solved in advance. The effective method is to strengthen lubrication of the overstock parts and the mold, reduce wear and tear on the mold, and strengthen the design structural strength of the mold in order to prolong the service life of the mold.

3. What is the reason for the scratch and groove defect of aluminum profile produced by extruder? How can it eliminate this phenomenon?

Some aluminum profile manufacturers reported back thatthe extruderhad rough longitudinal or transverse grooves and scratches on the surface when producing aluminum profile products, which is a common surface defect in the extrusion process of aluminum profiles. In order to let customers not have any worries about this. On this basis, we sorted out some reasons for this phenomenon and the elimination methods.
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Reasons for the phenomenon:
1) Scratches recessed from the surface are mostly caused by foreign matters sticking to the mold or rough machining at the empty knife. 2) It is a raised scratch at the corner of the product, which is caused by cracks in the extrusion die.
3) Transverse scratch or scratch is mainly caused by the hard objects protruding from the cold bed to scratch the product when the product is transported transversely from the sliding table to the finished product sawing table.
4) Some are also produced during loading and handling.

Elimination method:
1) The working belt of the extrusion die shall be smooth and smooth, and the empty knife of the extrusion die shall also be smooth and smooth.
2) During mold installation, careful inspection shall be carried out to prevent the use of molds with small cracks. The fillet radius shall be paid attention to during mold design.
3) Check the cooling bed and finished product storage table frequently to prevent products from being scratched by hard protrusions.
4) During loading, spacer bars softer than products shall be placed, and transportation and lifting shall be smooth and careful.
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