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Green decorative building materials –PVC foam board

December 21,2021

PVC foam board is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as the main raw material through special foaming process. It as with plastic and wood, with one of the typical new chemical building materials of plastic instead of steel products, there is a fine bubble pore structure, its density due to the internal surface is similar to natural wood, is a kind of ideal green building decoration materials, can be widely used in vehicle manufacturing, furniture, hutch defends materials, decoration and other industries, the market demand is big. But to obtain good performance of PVC sheet, must have advanced sheet production line equipment and appropriate foaming processing technology.

PVC foam board production process and equipment:

The production process of PVC foam board is as follows:

PVC resin + additives → high speed mixing → low speed cold mixing → conical twin screw extrusion → mold forming (skin foaming) → cooling setting → multiple rubber roller pulling → cutting products → collection and inspection. The specification of PVC skin foam board products is 1220mm×2440mm, and the thickness of products is 3 ~ 45mm.

Layout of machine

The core components of the newly developed PVC foam sheet production line are extruder, mold, cooling setting device, traction cutting device and control system. The extruder system adopts conical twin screw extruder. The cylinder, screw and power transmission system are designed in line with the process characteristics. The extruder quantity is large, the material is cut evenly and the extrusion efficiency is high. Mold system adopts coat hanger type flow channel structure mold for foaming board, and adjustable lip, so that the material can be extruded and foamed evenly and adapt to plates of different thickness; The cooling and shaping system adopts 4 groups of platen structure, and the pressure system control, so that the plate size precision control is simple; The piping design of the cooling system makes the plate cooling more uniform and fast shaping; The traction cutting system adopts the combination of roller type tractor, so that the traction force measurement and adjustment is simple, the roller tractor and the wide cutting machine electrical synchronous control, so that the plate cut straight. The production line adopts the full line online intelligent control of the extrusion unit, with PLC system as the main control means, using temperature and pressure sensors and high precision pneumatic control system to realize the closed-loop feedback control of pressure, temperature and other parameters, to achieve the precise control of process parameters.


Advertising board, transport ship, aircraft, passenger car, train car, roof, car body core layer, interior decoration board.
Building decoration industry building exterior wall panels, interior decorative panels, residential, office, public space building compartments, commercial decorative frame, clean room panels, ceiling panels, kitchen cabinets, hanging cabinets and household.
Through paint printing, engraving, film and hot pressing equipment, can produce all kinds of imitation wood products, conducive to the promotion of the market.

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