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Introduction of Extrusion Ratio and Deformation Degree of Extruder

November 14,2019

Regarding the knowledge ofthe extruder, Xiaobian thinks that the importance of knowledge cannot be ignored. Next, let’s open up an opportunity to learn new knowledge. I don’t know how much you know about the determination of extrusion ratio and deformation degree in the extrusion process of the extruder. Whether you know it or not, let’s continue to learn. It’s not a bad thing to deepen our impression of the knowledge of the extruder, is it?

Introduction of Extrusion Ratio and Deformation Degree of Extruder;
1. In the extrusion process of the extruder, the extrusion ratio and the degree of deformation are the two basic deformation parameters in the extrusion process. These two parameters can explain the amount of metal deformation in the extrusion process. During extrusion, increasing the degree of deformation can refine the grain size of the product and improve its mechanical properties.
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2. When selecting the deformation parameters of the extrusion process of the extruder, when the extrusion temperature range is determined, the temperature and speed of the product flowing out of the die hole will increase with the increase of the extrusion ratio. In order to avoid surface roughening and extrusion cracks of the extruded product, an appropriate extrusion ratio should be selected.

3. According to the performance requirements of extruded products, in order to obtain higher mechanical properties, a large extrusion ratio should be selected as far as possible for extrusion. Generally, the deformation degree can be more than 90%, and the extrusion ratio should not be less than 10-120; According to the relationship between the extrusion force and the logarithm of the extrusion ratio, the large extrusion ratio is limited by the extrusion force ofthe extruderand the strength of the extrusion tool. When selecting the extrusion ratio, the equipment capacity cannot be exceeded.

4. When the extruder extrudes the blank used for secondary extrusion, the extrusion ratio can be unlimited. In order to make the metal flow even when extruding small-section and section materials, multi-die hole extrusion can be adopted to reduce the extrusion ratio. In the actual operation process, once it is found that the extruder clamps the extrusion shaft, attention should be paid to all stressed parts and plane contact must be made.
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5. When the extruder is pressed up, manually control the slow pressing up and control the pressure not to be too high. Observe the displacement of the extrusion shaft. If it cannot be pushed, it cannot be pushed hard. After analyzing the problems and taking measures, it should be handled according to certain methods so thatthe extrudercan return to normal as soon as possible.

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