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Knowledge Introduction of Important Components and Key Technologies of Aluminum Extruder

December 16,2019

Aluminum extruderis a large mechanical equipment, and its structure is complicated with a lot of related knowledge, which requires us to have enough patience, to learn and understand the knowledge of aluminum extruder day by day. Only if we have enough understanding of the equipment, we won’t be afraid that the related problems will not be solved in the future. Today, Xiaobian continues to bring the related knowledge of aluminum extruder to everyone, let’s learn together!
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1. Screw is one of the important parts of aluminum extrusion press
Screw inaluminum extruderplays an extremely important role in the equipment. Screw is divided into many different types. Different screw has different functions and different extrusion functions. The design parameters of the screw directly determine the extrusion function of the screw of the aluminum extruder. The screw in the aluminum extruder can directly affect the quality of the finished product, because it determines the strength of the aging and gelatinization functions of the aluminum extruder, so the role of the screw is crucial.
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2. Knowledge about key technologies of aluminum extrusion press
The extruder frame design, extruder process specification, extruder stress analysis and design, equipment transmission and control system, mold design and manufacture, etc. in the aluminum extrusion press all have their corresponding key technologies, which directly affect the entire equipment. Therefore, the technical parameters should be taken very seriously and not sloppy. For technical problems in this area, if you choose Wuxi yimeide, we have professionals who can make relevant technical parameters for your equipment free of charge.

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