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Learn how to solve the surface adsorption problem of aluminum produced by aluminum extrusion press.

December 05,2019

Regarding the surface of aluminum products produced by aluminum extruders, we also mentioned in the previous article, and the black line on the surface of aluminum products produced by extruders was mentioned in the previous article. This problem has been solved, and we must have learned something from it. Today, Xiao Bian has brought us another knowledge, and it is also related to the surface of products produced by aluminum extruders. Let’s learn about it together!
Three-layer PVC Solid Wall Pipe Co-extrusion Production line
When using analuminum extrusion machine to produce aluminum products, many users may encounter such a problem. Why does the surface of the extruded aluminum products feel uneven? Why are there small “particles”? How should such problems be solved after all? I will tell you in detail.

When small “particles” are adsorbed on the surface of the aluminum profile produced by the aluminum profile extruder, the profile will have an impact when being oxidized, which will directly affect the production efficiency and reduce the production efficiency. These small “particles” can be solved by spraying or electrophoretic profiles, but there are great differences in different treatment methods. A large part of the “particles” will be removed when sawing and loading baskets, and a small part of the “particles” will remain stuck on it, but the concentration of bath solution can make it disappear during subsequent surface treatment.
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