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PE pipe production line installation site selection and handling matters

March 25,2021

I. Installation site
For the installation place ofPE pipe production line, please choose a place with ample space and pay attention to the following matters.
1. There should be no obstacle such as pillar within the moving range of material and machine.
2. The height of the ceiling should be more than 1000mm higher than the machine.
3. There should be space to set up metal mold collection toolboxes, etc.
4. There should be space for moving materials in and out and for maintenance and repair of the machine.
5. There should be space for opening and closing the strong electricity cabinet.
6. It should not be located at the attachment of dust-generating machines such as grinding machines and other places where dust is generated.
7. It should be far away from noisy machines such as welding machines, drilling machines, grinding machines and sanding machines.
8. Please choose a place where there is no direct sunlight and warm air blowing directly to the cold air.
9. Please do not set up near the equipment using high-current machines and equipment, and please use the power independently.
II. Handling
1. The handling of PE pipe production line in PE pipe production line factory store may not only damage the machine, but also be very dangerous, so please make sure to entrust professional personnel.
2. Please use the transfer equipment and wire rope that can fully bear the weight of the machine.
3. When suspending the PE pipe production line, please use a wire rope to suspend the machine body at the lower end of the machine and lift it gently while taking care of the balance.
4. When fork-lifting the machine body with a forklift, take care of the balance.
5. When lifting or lowering the machine, do not hit the machine.

Three, power wiring
1. Please be sure to entrust professionals with the power wiring of PE pipe production line in PE pipe production factory store.
2. When opening the power cabinet, please make sure to cut off the main power supply on the factory side.
3. Do not use the same power system near the power supply as the welding machine, which is the source of noise. In addition, please use the welding machine, electric drill, grinder, sander, etc. at a distance of more than 5 meters from the system.
IV. Confirm the oil level of hydraulic working oil
1. Driving the hydraulic pump in the state of lack of hydraulic working oil will damage the hydraulic pump and motor. When running the machine, please make sure to confirm the oil level.
2. Use the oil float in the hydraulic station to check whether the specified level is reached. Observe the oil float during inspection and replenish the oil level immediately when the top mark line of the oil float is below the hydraulic station panel.
3. When refueling, please refuel from the filler neck with the display between the upper and lower mark lines.


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