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PET and PP thermoforming package which is better?

December 24,2021

Both are also used for thermoforming packaging boxes, so which one is better, PET or PP thermoforming boxes? In fact, they are not comparable, because PET and PP are two different thermoforming materials, the nature of each material is different, so the thermoforming boxes made from these two materials are also different.

In terms of physical properties, the melting point of PP material is as high as 167℃, which is the only thermoforming material that can be heated in the microwave oven, and it can also withstand a low temperature of -35℃, so PP thermoforming boxes are very suitable for loading cooked food, cold meat, seafood and other food that needs to be heated or refrigerated; while PET material is easily deformed when heated to 70℃, and it will produce substances that are harmful to human body. Therefore, PET thermoforming boxes are suitable for fruits, vegetable salads and other things that can be eaten without heating.

PET can be widely used in folding boxes, cylinders and other fine packaging. The common colors are sub-silver, sub-white, bright white and several others. PET has excellent medium performance and its products have good anti-fouling, anti-scratch, high temperature resistance and other properties.

PP also belongs to the environmental protection material, PP made box packaging containers, has a very small density, light quality, good rigidity, low shrinkage; toughness in low temperature is poor, high strength, good heat resistance, high chemical stability, is non-toxic environmental protection products, the appearance can be achieved transparent and frosted effect
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