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PPR Pipe main advantages

January 30,2023

Ppr tubemain advantages:

1. Light weight

At 20℃, the density is 0.90g/cm3, the weight is only one ninth of the steel pipe, one tenth of the copper pipe, light weight, greatly reducing the construction strength.

2. Good heat resistance

Instant use temperature of 95℃, long-term use, the temperature can reach 75℃, is currently the most ideal indoor cold and hot water pipeline.

3. Corrosion resistance

Non-polar materials, all ions in the water and building chemicals are not chemical action, will not rust and corrosion.

4. Low thermal conductivity

With good thermal insulation performance, when used in hot water systems, generally no additional thermal insulation materials.

5. The pipeline resistance is small

The smooth inner wall of the pipe makes the resistance along the road less than the metal pipe, and the energy consumption is lower.

6. The pipe is firmly connected

With good hot melt performance, hot melt connection to the same material pipe and pipe fittings connected into a perfect whole, put an end to the hidden danger of water leakage.

7. Sanitary, non-toxic

In the production, construction, use of the process of environmental pollution, belongs to the green building materials.

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