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PVC-O Pipe

November 08,2023

PVC-O, is the latest form of evolution of PVC pipe,  through a special orientation processing technology to manufacture the pipe, the use of extrusion method to produce PVC-U pipe axial stretch and radial stretch, so that the PVC long chain molecules in the pipe in the biaxial regular arrangement, to obtain high strength, high toughness, high impact resistance, fatigue resistance of new PVC pipe.


The characteristics of PVC-O pipe - known as "unbreakable pipe"

(1) Super toughness: Biaxial oriented polyvinyl chloride (PVC-O) pipe has a very outstanding toughness, so it is called "unbreakable pipe". This is because after the molecular orientation processing, the formation of thin layer structure. If cracks are created due to defects and point loads, the layered structure will prevent the crack from passing through the material, and the crack propagation is effectively suppressed due to the reduction of stress concentration during the passage of the crack through the layers.

(2) Higher impact strength Compared with PVC-U water supply pipe, PVC-O pipe through biaxial tensile, its impact strength increased by more than 10 times.

(3) Higher design stress Due to the outstanding strength and toughness, the 50-year safety factor of PVC-O material of MRS45 and MRS50 can be expressed by 1.6 or 1.4143, so the design stress of PVC-O pipe can be as high as 28MPa and 32MPa. 

(4) The pipe wall is thinner and the cost is lower: because the PVC-O pipe is the axial and radial stretching of the original PVC-U pipe, the wall thickness of the pipe is thinner. Compared with the wall thickness of PVC-O and PVC-U, the wall thickness of PVC-O water supply pipe can be reduced by 35%-40% compared with PVC-U water supply pipe, which greatly saves materials and reduces costs.


The application field of PVC-O tube?

PVC-O pipe due to its high strength, high toughness, high impact resistance, prevent leakage and other advantages, widely used in the following fields:

(1) High-pressure water supply pipeline;

(2) Mine pipeline;

(3) trenchless pipelines for laying and repairing;

(4)Gas pipe network and other fields.

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