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Performance characteristics of HDPE drainage pipe

March 08,2022

Performance characteristics ofHDPE drainage pipe:

1、Drainage safety.

hdpe in the design of the full consideration of a variety of factors to improve its performance. In the use of its orifice placed in the valley, in the crest and filter fabric under the dual role of this pipe in use is not so easy to be blocked, to ensure the smooth drainage system is to improve the safety of use.

2、Organic combination of strength and ease of bending.

The drainage pipe is designed with a double corrugated structure, which effectively improves the ability of the product to resist external pressure, so that the drainage system will not be deformed even under strong external pressure, which effectively ensures the normal operation of the drainage system.

High Speed Extrusion Line for HDPE Water Pipe/Gas

3、Corrosion resistance

The raw material used for this drainage pipe is plastic, which is a great improvement in corrosion resistance compared to the previous flexible spring drainage pipe.


In the market, the price of this drain is lower than other drains of the same caliber, which makes it more economical to buy this drain.

HDPE Marine Pipe Extrusion Line

The use of hdpe drainage pipe in the highway is used for drainage in the horizontal and vertical direction of the highway as well as permeability. In the tunnel, underground road directly used for drainage to ensure that the road surface is free of water is the road surface smooth. Drainage in water purification plants, sewage plants, garbage dumps, sports fields, parks and other places that need drainage. This pipe is needed to keep the water and soil on the developed slope when the hillside is developed.

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