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Plastic extrusion machine winter maintenance tips

December 07,2021

The good operation of the production line comes from the usual care and attention!
The winter of 2021 has arrived, and the extrusion machine of many customers in the north will be off for a long period of time.Jwell Machinery reminds all customers to pay attention to the preparation work of resting and stopping before the holiday, and to maintain the extrusion equipment to ensure that the equipment can continue to maintain good running condition in the new year.

01Maintenance of extrusion equipment

The specific measures are as follows:
1. Clean up the dust on the electrical components inside the electric control box comprehensively, focusing on cleaning the frequency converter, governor and PLC. You can use compressed air to blow air inside the components, but there can be no water. Tighten loose cable and wire joints; Check the insulation of the cable. Replace the components that are aged or in bad contact with the cable.
2. Record each rated parameter inside the computer screen, and check it before the next power on, if you find different, please input the data according to the record.
3. Check the grease nipple before and after the main motor ,Changing and adding grease.Whether the plummer pad of the coupling is broken.Check the gearbox for abnormal noise, do the filling and replacement of gear oil of the gearbox. Open the gearbox, carefully clean the moving parts and the box, clean the bearings; replace the lubricant;
4. Clean the pipe line of extruder, emptying the water in and out of the water system to avoid cold winter blowing pipeline.
5. Check the water line cleaning of the cooling copper pipe of the mold core. Empty the water pump, vacuum pump, all the water in the filter to prevent the pump leaves from rusting, freezing and cracking. After stopping the machine, clean up the material between the core bar of clean mouth mold, the inlet port should be coated with anti-rust oil to be sealed with winding film.
6. Check the moving parts of each equipment, whether there is enough lubrication. Especially the frequently running parts such as screw, roller, bearing, guide column, etc., to prevent the moving parts from jamming due to low temperature, thus affecting normal production. Bearings, cardan shafts, etc. need to add grease regularly.
7. Check and calibrate the instruments that display pressure, current, voltage, meter counting, etc.; check the heating condition of each heating element and replace the damaged heating and sensing elements.
8. Before stopping the machine to empty the screw internal material to prevent the next start material reflux. Remove the screw, the screw barrel brush oil to prevent rust and corrosion. Disassemble and clean the screw, barrel and head according to the situation; measure the outer diameter of the screw; check the inner wall of the barrel and mouth mold for wear and injury. Grind and trim the local scratches and burrs on the working surface to achieve smoothness without hanging material.
9. Please use a multimeter to measure whether there is a short circuit between the three phase lines and the three phase lines to the ground before the next power on to prevent mice from chewing on the wires and causing a short circuit.
10. All sprockets and chains are filled with lubricant, and all exposed rusty parts are treated with anti-rust treatment.

02 Maintenance period of extrusion equipment

The specific maintenance period is as follows:
1. Gearbox oil should be changed every 4000 to 5000 hours of operation, at least once a year.
2. Bearings, universal shafts, etc. need to be greased regularly.
3. The rubber gasket at the shaft coupling should be checked for coaxiality and wear every three months.
4. The oil filter element of the hydraulic system needs to be replaced once every six months, and the accumulator tank needs to be checked regularly for pressure.
5. The water roller temperature system should clean the condenser and scale regularly, and the recommended cycle is once every six months.
6. The roller and cooling roller should be coated with anti-rust oil and wrapped with cotton cloth and other measures when not in use for a long time.
7. The traction roller should be cleaned regularly with non-oil detergent, and anti-aging treatment should be done for a long time without use.
8. The electric cabinet regularly check the components, aging or poor contact components need to be replaced in a timely manner.
9. The end of the year holiday downtime is long, shut down before the holiday, to the water through the equipment, the water is released clean, so as not to freeze the equipment (crack).

03 Preventive measures for drainage and frost protection

Before going on vacation, the following parts must be well drained and frost-proofed.

04 Prepare spare parts for wearing parts in advance
After the extruder equipment is put into operation, after a longer period of operation, spare parts for wearing parts should be prepared in advance, and spare parts should be planned and procured in advance.
1. Heating ring of machine barrel and mouth mold.
2. Thermocouple.
3. Coupling plummer gasket.
4. Reduction box seal.
5. Main motor brush.
6. Main motor bearing.
7. Thrust bearing and all ball bearings of the gearbox.
8. Gear or gear shaft of gearbox.
9. The pulley or coupling on the motor shaft.
10. Temperature control meter.

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