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Proper maintenance can better use the PVC pipe production line

March 25,2021

The correct use ofPVC pipe production linecan avoid threats to the personal safety of the operator, avoid problems with the equipment, you can better use the PVC pipe production line, bringing greater benefits to users.
1. PVC pipe production line factory store PVC pipe production line in the installation, commissioning (die, adjusting the gap between the blades) or dismantling the mold, must be familiar with the machine by the personnel in accordance with the prescribed protocol. The sharpness of the blade and die edge should be checked regularly, and if the edge is found to be blunt, it should be resharpened or replaced in time. Be sure to stop when replacing the die to avoid danger.
2.PVC pipe production linefactory store PVC pipe production line in the normal work, do not put your hand or part of your body between the upper and lower die (blade), all debris and tools do not put on the workbench to avoid accidents. Since the PVC pipe production line can be operated by more than one person, a person must be in charge of directing the production. 3.
3. When operating, you must be careful when holding the workpiece and waiting for the slider to go down. Be sure to choose the gap between the shear blade and punching die and the bending radius according to the thickness of the copper row (or aluminum row).
4. to keep the oil clean and oil smooth, every shift to each unit moving parts to add oil. Electrical and hydraulic components must ensure that the action is flexible and positioned correctly, found abnormalities must immediately stop to check.

5. To improve the service life of PVC pipe production line, it is generally required to avoid direct sunlight and other thermal radiation, and to avoid places that are too humid, too dusty or have corrosive gases. Corrosive gases tend to corrode and degrade electronic components, causing poor contact or short circuit between components and affecting the normal operation of the equipment. Precision PVC pipe production line should be far away from equipment with large vibration, such as punching machines, forging equipment, etc.
6. In order to avoid large fluctuations in power supply (greater than ± 10%) and possible instantaneous interference signals and other effects, PVC pipe production lines generally use a dedicated line power supply (such as from the low-voltage distribution room to divide a separate way for the use of CNC machine tools) or additional voltage regulators, etc., can reduce the impact of the quality of power supply and electrical interference.
7. Safety The operation procedure is one of the important measures to ensure the safe operation of PVC pipe production line, the operator must operate according to the operation procedure. When a fault occurs, the operator should pay attention to keep the scene and give a truthful description of the situation before and after the fault to the maintenance personnel, so as to facilitate the analysis and diagnosis of the cause of the fault and timely elimination.
8.PVC pipe production lineshould not be sealed for a long time, after the purchase of PVC pipe production line should be fully utilized, especially in the first year of use, so that its weak links prone to failure are exposed as early as possible and can be removed during the warranty period. When there is no processing task, the PVC pipe production line should be powered up regularly, preferably 1-2 times a week, each time running empty for about 1 hour to use its own heat to reduce the humidity in the machine, so that the electronic components are not damp, but also to find out if there is a battery alarm in time to prevent the loss of system software and parameters.

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