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Quality Inspection Process for Extrusion Industrial Aluminum Profiles Sep 27,/2019

September 27,2019

First, the extrusion industry aluminum profile quality inspection process
1: Purpose
In order to ensure that extruded products meet customer requirements
2: Scope
Applicable to any products extruded by the extrusion workshop of the company
3. Responsibilities
(1) The Production Department is responsible for self-inspection, and the Quality Assurance Department is responsible for random inspection and confirmation of various quality requirements.
(2) The quality assurance personnel shall be responsible for the patrol inspection in the production process of the products and feedback on the abnormal points
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4. extrusion inspection requirements and control
(1) Measure the size of the product according to the tolerance required by the drawings and fill in the inspection records.
(2) The length of handover materials shall be carried out according to schedule. The quality inspector shall conduct alkali soaking test in time, and notify the site and supervisor to make judgment immediately if any abnormality is found.
(3) The extrusion process (material temperature, extrusion speed and table parameters) of each product shall be confirmed at any time according to the process card of each product. The process card
5: Precautions
(1) The quality assurance personnel with special inspection requirements of the customer shall timely notify the site, provide corresponding inspection tools and make inspection.
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(2) Each product must be marked with a mold number when it is produced, and key tests must be made on the mold replacement products.
(3) The quality assurance personnel shall know the process flow and requirements of the post-process and report the potential problems.

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