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RTP Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe Production Line

April 27,2022

Reinforced thermoplastic pipe, RTP pipe for short. The inner layer is thermoplastic material, like PE80, PE100, PA, PERT and PVDF and other thermoplastic material. Middle layer is reinforce materials, like glass fiber, carbon fiber, aramid fiber, steel wire. Outer layer is thermoplastic materials for protection

Features of RTP pipe production line

1. Unique design of special winding machine;
2.Unique and complete production line of multi-material reinforcement tape, including aramid woven fabric, steel wire rope reinforcement tape, high-strength glass fiber rope reinforcement tape, etc.
3. Suitable for a variety of reinforced materials and tubing with different pressure levels that can be bonded or not bonded;
4. Can use the high strength glass fiber reinforced belt
5. High temperature RTP pipe can be produced according to different purpose;

Features of RTP pipes

The middle layer is a reinforced material layer interlaced with aramid fiber, polyester fiber, glass fiber and steel wire at a specific Angle. The outer layer is a protective layer, which is generally added with anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet HDPE layer. RTP pipeline has good flexibility and high bearing capacity, can coil supply, long distance without joint rapid laying, mainly used in oil, natural gas, high pressure water and special fluid transport fields.
High pressure resistance, working pressure up to 32Mpa (320bar). The pipe is flexible, with a diameter of less than 200mm, it can be made into coils for supply. Transportation and long-distance laying are fast and simple, and the construction cost is very low. Impact resistance, strong deformation without cracking and leakage. Corrosion resistant, strong corrosive fluid service life of more than 20 years, low system cost. Low overall cost, wide use, suitable for oil, natural gas, gas, chemical industry and other medium and long distance transportation. Commonly used specifications: 3 inch -15Mpa, 4 inch -10Mpa,5 inch -8Mpa.

Application of RTP pipes

It is widely used in oil, gas and sewage pipeline of shallow sea oil field at home and abroad. On land, it can replace the traditional FRP pipeline and is suitable for oil long-distance transportation, natural gas transportation, drinking water transportation, high pressure water injection, sewage, brine transportation pipeline.
Oil, water and other liquids produced by domestic shallow sea oil production are generally transported in two ways. First, transport ship handling; Second pipeline transportation. Pipeline transportation cost is low, high efficiency,high safety. The pipeline is required to be both high pressure resistance and flexible due to the harsh environment in the ocean.
The pipe wall adopts the structural design of sandwich structure, which is made of thermoplastic resin and preimpregnated high-strength fiber at high temperature, so as to ensure the pipe has high pressure resistance and flexibility.

In land oil field, and now most of the crude oil and sewage transportation non-metallic pipes are glass fiber pipes with thermosetting resin as matrix for glass fiber pipes.So the pipe itself and scraps, cannot be recycled and not easy to degrade. It can only be deeply buried or burned, caused permanent pollution to the environment. RTP flexible pipe is produced with thermoplastic resin, the product itself can be recycled and in the production process does not need boiler steam. It is green environmental pollution-free material which is to replace the traditional FRP pipe (GRE, GRP, GRV) of the new non-metallic pipe materials.

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