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Safe operation rules for blow molding machine

February 08,2023

1. Precautions for startingblow molding machine

● Without professional training personnel, can not operate blow molding machine without permission.
● Before starting the machine, open the cooling water valve to ensure the smoothness of the cooling water channel; Turn on the internal power supply and start the oil pump motor; Open the heating switch, turn on the power supply, set the temperature value and temperature control process according to the production requirements of the product; Check the thickness of the current in the ammeter to judge the quality of the heating ring; If the machine is not used for a long time, it needs to run for a few minutes without load after starting the oil pump.
● In the process of test machine, it should be carried out in turn in manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic states to ensure that the machines under different production conditions can run smoothly; Check whether all parts and bolts are tight; Once there is an exception, it is necessary to stop immediately for inspection and maintenance. After excluding the exception, the test machine can be restarted.

2. Precautions for operation of blow molding machine

● The operators of plastic extrusion blow hollow forming machine need to undergo certain professional operation training to avoid some unnecessary injuries during operation.
● When theblow molding machinemoves the mold to open and close the mold, the operator is forbidden to enter the safety door area to avoid being injured or bumped; Under normal operation and production, do not use your hands to break the extruded billet, to avoid being burned by high temperature material and electric hot knife or being injured by the mold.
● In case of emergency, press the red emergency stop button quickly to prevent the occurrence of accidents.

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