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Solar photovoltaic Eva film

July 20,2022

Photovoltaic Eva film full name PHOTOVOLTAIC Eva hot melt film, is a professional application in photovoltaic cell packaging using pipeline thermosetting film. Photovoltaic Eva film is an important type of hot melt film, it has good characteristics in adhesion, durability, optical characteristics and other aspects, making it more and more widely used in current components and various optical products.
Picture of solar eva film:

Advantages of PHOTOVOLTAIC Eva film:
The advantages of PHOTOVOLTAIC Eva film and the advantages of Eva hot melt film to maintain the same, Eva hot melt film characteristics: water resistance, dry cleaning resistance, low melting point, low temperature resistance minus 20 degrees, high temperature resistance 80 degrees, odorless, environmental protection, good air permeability, good tensile performance, high bonding strength, good elasticity.
In addition to the above features, the following features can also be summarized:
High transparency, high adhesion for all kinds of interfaces, including glass, metal and plastic;
Good durability can resist high temperature, moisture, ultraviolet light, etc.
Low compound temperature and easy storage.

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