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Three Factors Affecting Extruder Output and Product Quality

October 15,2019

First, the quality of aluminum bars directly affects the quality and output value of products
First of all, we all know that when using an extruder to produce, the raw material for extrusion is aluminum rod, and some aluminum profiles with high quality requirements, the quality of aluminum rod will directly affect the quality and output value of the product. High quality aluminum rod can reduce the loss to the die, and high quality is alloying, refining, graining and homogenizing, thus maximizing the extrusion speed.
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Second, the extruder configuration and operating personnel affect the product quality and output value
The extruders produced by Wuxi yimeide are all advanced pre-stressed frame extruders on the market at present, and the output of these extruders is obviously increased compared with the previous old extruders. Moreover, the operators of the extruder should have a certain understanding of the extruder itself and relevant technologies. In a word, to improve the output of extrusion products, advanced equipment, high-quality workers and modern scientific management play a vital role.
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Third, temperature affects the quality and output value of products.
Precise control of temperature is very important to increase production. The temperatures here are respectively the temperature of the extrusion cylinder, the temperature of the extrusion pad, the mold temperature and the mold exit temperature of different aluminum alloy profiles. There are certain standards for these temperatures. Generally, extrusion press manufacturers will tell aluminum profile manufacturers during the installation and debugging stage, so there is no need to worry too much. As long as the temperature is controlled according to the instructions of technicians, the product quality and output value can be improved.

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