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What Is The Difference Between PP Sheet And PS Sheet?

March 20,2023

PP (Polypropylene) and PS (Polystyrene) are both types of plastic sheets used in various applications. However, there are some key differences between the two materials:


Chemical Structure:

PP is a thermoplastic polymer made from propylene monomers, while PS is a synthetic polymer made from styrene monomers.


PP is generally more transparent than PS, making it a better choice for applications where clarity is important.

Heat Resistance:

PP has a higher melting point and is more heat-resistant than PS, which tends to soften and deform at lower temperatures.


PP is more durable than PS and is less likely to crack or break under stress.


PS is generally less expensive than PP, making it a more economical choice for some applications.

Based on these differences, PP is often preferred for applications where transparency, durability, and heat resistance are important, such as packaging, laboratory equipment, and automotive parts. PS is commonly used for applications where cost is the primary consideration, such as disposable cups, food containers, and packaging materials.

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