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What are the advantages of HDPE pipes in drainage pipes?

January 30,2023

HDPE solid wall drainage pipelineis widely used, mainly because it has incomparable advantages to other pipelines:

1. It is easy to form a closed anti-seepage system by matching welding and electric fusion welding. When laying along the trench, it can reduce the amount of earth excavated in the trench and reduce the amount of accessories.

2. Light weight and easy to install processing;

3. Strong wear resistance and excellent hydraulic performance, intelligent parking lot in the buried pipeline without outer protection. It can be used in earthquake and mining area of soil settlement, can also be used in the bottom of the river laying method.

4. HDPE pipe chemical corrosion resistance, resistance to internal, external and microbial corrosion, corrosion resistance is strong, with health. Suitable for conveying acidic and alkaline substances, conveying sewage, natural gas, gas and other substances;

5. Good environmental adaptability and frost resistance. It can be used for indoor and outdoor drainage pipes.

6. Long service life, with more than almost 50 years of service life;

7. Easy to recycle.

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