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What are the operating procedures for industrial aluminum extruders?

September 10,2019

1. Check whether the oil pressure system leaks oil and whether the air pressure is normal.
2. Check the conveyor belt, cooling bed and material storage table for damages and scratches.
3. Before stretching, the length of the aluminum profile shall be confirmed, and then the stretching rate shall be predetermined to determine the stretching length, i.e. the moving position of the main chuck. Usually, the stretching rate of 6063T5 is 0.5%-1%, and the stretching rate of 6061T6 is 0.8%-1.5%.
4, according to the shape of the aluminum profile to confirm the clamping method, large section hollow profile, can be inserted into the tensile block, but to ensure enough clamping area as far as possible.
High-speed Single Screw Extruder PE/PP Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Production Line
5. When the aluminum profile is cooled to below 50℃, stretch the profile.
6, when the profile bending and twisting at the same time, should first correct twisting after bending.
7. Test pull one or two of them to confirm whether the predetermined stretching rate and clamping method are appropriate. Visually bend, twist and check the plane clearance, flaring and parallel opening of the profile. If it is not suitable, adjust the stretch ratio appropriately.
8, the normal tensile rate still cannot eliminate bending, twisting, or cannot make the geometry size qualified, should inform the operator to stop extrusion.
9. Profiles on the cooling table cannot rub, collide, overlap and pile up with each other to prevent flowers from rubbing.
High Speed Extrusion Line for HDPE Water Pipe/Gas
The working efficiency and service life of industrial aluminum extruders have a great relationship with the installation sequence of industrial aluminum extruders. The equipment foundation of general industrial aluminum extruders shall not only bear the weight of the equipment itself and the weight of raw materials for production, but also bear the dynamic load of the industrial extruders during work. Therefore, the equipment installation must be carried out according to the corresponding installation procedures.

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