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What is the difference between an extruder and a rolling mill in the length of its 3600T extrudable rod?

December 30,2019

Xiao Bian thinks that it is meaningful to collect knowledge about extrusionmachines. In practical terms, it is a pleasure to help others, that is, to help others and enrich ourselves. The more we know about aluminum extrusion machines, the more we know. Next, let’s use concise, clear and easy-to-understand words to explain customers’ questions!

I. Are extrusionmachinesand rolling mills the same in processing technology? And how is the extrusion of aluminum rods carried out?
If the extruder and the rolling mill are compared, then the processing technology is obviously different, because one is rolling and the other is extrusion. For the extrusion of aluminum rod, in the extruder, the aluminum rod is heated to a certain temperature first, and then is thermally sheared. After that, the aluminum rod is sent to an extruder for extrusion.
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Second, which parts on the extruder are indispensable? How much can a 3600T aluminum extruder reach on the length of the extrudable rod?
On the extruder, the feeding mechanism, transmission mechanism, inner groove shell and screw are indispensable. For 3600T aluminum extruders, generally speaking, the length of the extruded rod can reach 1200mm or so, but specifically, it depends on the sectional area of the profile and other aspects.

The above concise words are clear and easy to understand. Since it is a part of our work to professionally make a complete set of aluminum extrusion auxiliary equipment and continuously provide new knowledge, we also hope that we can get practice in real work so that you can learn something and use it. Only in this way can we find it useful to write these knowledge about extrusionmachines.
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