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What is the difference between the master cylinder forging extruder and the casting machine?

December 19,2019

As we all know, both forging and casting methods can produce aluminum alloy products, so how to choose forging extruder and castingmachinewhen producing aluminum alloy profiles? What is the difference between these two kinds of equipment? The editor has organized several knowledge points so that everyone can have a deeper understanding of the two devices.

I. What is the difference between the raw materials used in forging extruder and castingmachineand the production process?
When the extruder produces aluminum profiles, the raw materials used are aluminum rods, which are purchased directly from its suppliers, so that the required aluminum profiles can be produced through further processing without melting the aluminum rods into liquid. When forging technology is used to produce aluminum alloy profiles, the raw materials can be aluminum ingots, which are then melted into liquid at high temperature and cast into a casting cavity suitable for the shape of the produced profiles, and the required profiles are obtained after cooling and solidification.
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2. What are the characteristics of forging and casting?
Forging is that metal is pressed and plastically deformed to produce profiles that conform to required shapes or specifications. The use of forging to produce aluminum alloy profiles can improve their structure and mechanical properties, as well as the shaping of metals and the service life of profiles. Casting can show its economy even more when producing profiles or parts with complex shapes. Some difficult-to-cut parts can only be formed by casting, such as nickel-based alloy parts of combustion turbines.

Three: Is forging extruder or castingmachinebetter for the same profile?
Generally speaking, the forging extruder and the casting machine have their own advantages, but the forging of the same metal profile has better mechanical properties than casting, and the produced profile can be widely used. The profile produced by the extruder has certain specifications and simple shapes, such as broken bridge aluminum profile, pipe and plate, etc. Casting machines have the advantage of producing parts with complicated shapes.
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