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What is the production range of large extruder tonnage?

December 20,2019

A largeextruder, hearing the word, Xiaobian found that many of our users are looking for large-tonnage extruders. How many large-tonnage extruders are there in China? If you observe carefully, it is not difficult to find that some relevant information will appear in Baidu search, for example, the domestic world large and heavy horizontal extruder mentioned in “Sohu.com” has an extrusion pressure of 23,500 tons. in order to reasonably select the extruder tonnage, xiaobian also specially wrote a short article, hoping to be helpful to you!
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1. Introduction of extruder tonnage:
Extruders are divided according to tonnage, and the English letter T replaces tonnage. Of course, the specifications of profiles produced by each tonnage are also different. Here, let’s introduce what tonnage Wuxi yimeidemachineryco., ltd. produces: 500t can produce some small materials of broken bridge aluminum, 600t can extrude aluminum rods within the range of 90mm, 800 t or 1000t can produce aluminum alloy doors and windows products with more customers, 1250t aluminum tubes can be seamlessly extruded, 1350t solar energy frame extruder, 1650t aluminum plateextruder, 1850t aluminum rod extrusion specifications 203mm, The 2500t aluminum rod can produce industrial profile products at 254mm and 3600t, of course, there are some larger tonnage, such as 4000t, 5000t, 6000t aluminum extruders, etc. Since there are too many types of tonnage, we will probably introduce some of the common tons first, and the specific extruder tonnage will be determined according to the sectional shape and size and wall thickness of profiles provided by customers.
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2. How much tonnage is required for extrusion and how is this calculated?
There is a calculation formula for the tonnage required for extrusion, which is:
Extrusion Tonnage = Rated Pressure * Plunger Area
What should be explained here is that the extrusion tonnage can also be said to be the nominal pressure, and the nominal pressure is also the relief valve pressure of the main pump. In addition, if there is a side cylinder, then the pressure of the side cylinder must be added, so it cannot be missed.

3. What is the range of large-tonnage aluminumextruders? What products are most used to produce?
What is a large tonnage, more than ten thousand tons of extruder in China can also be called a large range, but not many manufacturers produce this kind of large tonnage extruder, our company produces extruder tonnage from 500 tons to 6000 tons, there are more than 40 specifications, at the beginning of the article we introduced the domestic large tonnage extruder extrusion pressure can reach 23500 tons, that this kind of large tonnage extruder is actually used in the production of commonly used aluminum profile process, so what is it used to produce products? Let’s continue with the introduction. We learned from Sohu.com that this big guy is equivalent to the pulling force of the 84 overhead passenger A380. The big guy has great wisdom. With it, the big plane and the super-large components on the high-speed rail are no longer needed.

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