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What is the relationship between the size of aluminum extrusion press and the profile and how to calculate it

November 11,2019

Some professional knowledge ofaluminum extrusion pressis totally different from the understanding of insiders and laymen. Since it is professional knowledge, it still needs professionals to answer your questions. Take this opportunity to publish an important article for your reference!

I. What is the relationship between the specifications of the aluminum profile extruder and the diagonal of the extruded profile cross section?
The extruder calculates the tonnage according to the extrusion pressure, and the tonnage indicatesthe extrusion pressure. The common ones are 500t, 630t, 800t, 1000t, 1200t, etc. The larger the tonnage is, the larger the diagonal is. Simply put, the larger the extruder size, the larger the diagonal of the aluminum profile that can be produced.
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Second, what is the relationship between extruder size and profile?
The type of extruder and the specification of aluminum profile should complement each other. Only a suitable extruder can extrude aluminum profile in a suitable range. Generally, the extrusion ratio is determined according to the aluminum profile carrying surface drawing, and then a large aluminum extruder is adopted. The determination of the extruder is mostly calculated according to the extrusion ratio, which is also related to the requirements of the aluminum factory. For example, the extrusion ratio of an aluminum profile is only 5-10. This kind of design will require the aluminum factory to replace the large machine table to extrude products, but the aluminum factory has only simple requirements for the profile and requires the die factory not to replace the press to design. At this time, the mold factory will still do it. So now designers often design and produce moulds according to the information specified by the profile factory.
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Three, aluminum alloy doors and windows are different in size, how to determine how large tonnage extruder production?
The specifications of aluminum alloy doors and windows also vary from large to small. How to determine how large a tonnage extruder is suitable for the production of aluminum alloy door and window profiles, the premise is to first know the diagonal dimension of the cross section of the product and the wall thickness. Only by understanding these can we know how large an extruder is needed. In general, we have a large number of common aluminum alloy door and window profiles. Most of our companies suggest that aluminum alloy extruders with a capacity of less than 1,000 tons be used for production, of which the diagonal dimension of the cross section of aluminum profiles extruded by the 1,000-ton aluminum alloy extruder is about 165 mm.

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