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What should we do if the machine is flooded during the rainstorm?

July 27,2021

Since July 17, Zhengzhou-centric Henan Province has been attacked by a heavy rainstorm, like this extreme heavy rain, will inevitably affect the machinery equipment in the local business workshop.What should you do if your equipment is soaked with water? How to processes in the shortest time to reduce losses.
1、Disconnect all power supplies, make sure the whole machine is separated from the power grid.
2、When there is inlet water hidden dangers, please stop the total power supply to ensure the safety of the equipment and personnel. With conditions,pls raise the whole line; if the conditions are not available, please protect the core components, such as main motors, power cabinets, mobile operation screens, etc., can be treated highly
3、If water has been entered, please remove the wading computer, drive, motor and surrounding electrical components, and rinse with water to remove dirt and impurities on the surface
4、Then each part is processed separately
If the electric cabinet has water hidden dangers?
1. Do a good job in preventing rainwater backflows, doing a good job in cable drainage and fire blockage. It is also necessary to consider whether the electric cabinet needs temporary waterproof.
2, the gate of the distribution chamber plus the threshold. A small amount of water seepage in the cable groove is not big problem, because the surface of the cable is waterproof. The cable groove should cover the cover to prevent large-area inlet water and electric wire in water.
3. In order to prevent short-circuit blowout phenomena, the power-on measures should be immediately taken, cut off the total power supply. Note: If there is water around the power distribution cabinet, do not use your hand, with an insulated rod or dry wood, wear an insulating glove, put it on the insulation pad to prevent an electric shock accident in the insulation.
What if the power distribution cabinet is flooded after the rain?
1、The electric control cabinet first needs to check the appearance. If there is any obvious moisture or immersion phenomenon, it is impossible to send electricity immediately. It must be checked by the professional electrician:
a. Detect whether the electric control cabinet body housing is charged

b. Check whether low-voltage components such as control circuit, control circuit breaker, intermediate relay and wiring terminal block in the electric control cabinet are damp.If the components are affected with moisture, they need to be timely dried with drying tools. If the components have obvious rust, they need to be replaced;

2、Before the cabinet is powered on, it is necessary to measure the insulation of each load cable, and the phase to the ground should be qualified. If the stator rated voltage is below 500V, the insulation value should be measured with 500V meter, and the insulation value should not be less than 0.5m ω. Every component in the cabinet should be dried and air-dried.

3、Inverter inlet water treatment method:
First of all, it is clear that the inverter is not terrible. It is terrible to enter the water and pass the electricity.
Secondly, in the case of the frequency converter without power, water is completely able to deal with, if the water in the operation of the frequency converter damage has become a foregone conclusion, but also must be immediately power off, to prevent its internal lines burned and caused by fire, at this time should pay attention to fire prevention measures to be in place! Then let’s specifically talk about how to deal with the water intake in the case of the converter without electricity. There are mainly the following steps:
1)Absolutely no power, first open the converter operation panel, and then wipe all parts of the converter;
2)Then use the electric blown air blow to blow the inverter display, PC board, power element, etc., etc., at this time, the hot air is not available, and the temperature is too high, it is easy to burn the inverter internal components;
3)Scrub the components in step 2 with 95% ethanol, then continue to dry them with a cold hair dryer;
4)After drying in a cool, ventilated place for an hour, scrub them again with alcohol and continue to dry with a cold hair dryer;
5)Alcohol evaporates and removes most of the water. At this time, open the hot air (low temperature) and blow the above components again;
6)Then focus on drying the following inverter components: potentiometer, switching power transformer, display (key), relay, contactor, reactor, fan (especially 220V), electrolytic capacitor, power module, must be dried at low temperature for many times, switching power transformer, contactor, power module is the focus;
7)After completing the above six steps, pay attention to check whether there is still water remaining after drying the converter module, and then check again after 24 hours whether there is any damp place, and dry the key components again;
8)After drying, you can try to energize the frequency converter, but you must ensure that the first one is broken, and then observe the response of the frequency converter. If there is no anomaly, it can be energized!

If a customer says I don’t know how to open it, then wait a few more days to let it dry naturally. After it is completely dried, blow the inverter circuit board through the gap with filtered compressed gas, so as to prevent the dirt in the rain from being left on the circuit board, resulting in poor heat dissipation during operation and alarm shutdown.
To sum up, as long as the converter water is not energized, the converter is generally not bad, other electrical components with circuit boards such as PLC, switching power supply, air conditioning system can refer to the above method.
4、Motor inlet water treatment method:
1)The motor should be removed and wrapped up the power cord of the motor, remove the motor coupling, the air cover, the wind blade and the front and back end cover, take out the rotor, the bearing cover is pried open, the bearing is cleaned with gasoline or kerosene (if the bearing is found to be seriously worn, it should be replaced), and the bearing should be oiled. In general, the amount of lubricating oil: 2 pole motor is half of the bearing, 4, 6 pole motor is two thirds of the bearing, should not be too much, the lubricating oil used in the bearing is calcium and sodium base high-speed butter.
2)Check the stator winding, can use 500 v megohmmeter, check the winding insulation resistance between each phase and the relatively, if the insulation resistance is less than 0.5 ohms, must to the stator winding drying, winding oil available gasoline swabbed clean, such as winding insulation aging has turned brown (color), the stator w
Bulb drying method: with an infrared bulb to the winding, one end or two ends at the same time heating;
Electric furnace or coal furnace heating method: put an electric furnace or coal furnace under the stator, the furnace is best separated by thin iron plate, indirect heating, the stator on the end cover, cover with sacks, drying for a period of time, to turn over the stator to continue drying, but pay attention to fire prevention, because the volatile gas in the paint and paint is flammable;
5、The motor has no water but is affected with moisture treatment method:
Moisture is a fatal factor leading to motor failure, from splashing rain or moisture produced by condensation can enter the motor, especially when the motor is in intermittent operation, after parking for several months, before use should be checked coil insulation, otherwise it is easy to burn out the motor. If the motor is affected with moisture, the following methods can be used:
1) circulation hot air drying method: make a drying chamber with heat insulation materials (such as firebrick masonry), with an air outlet above and an air inlet on the side, and the temperature of hot air in the drying chamber is controlled at about 100℃.
2)Bulb drying method: one or several high-power incandescent bulbs (such as 100W) are put into the motor cavity to dry. Note: The bulb should not be placed too close to the coil in case it burns out. The motor shell can be covered with canvas for insulation
3)Drying agent:
(1)Lime desiccant. The main ingredient is calcium oxide, its water absorption capacity is achieved by chemical reaction, so water absorption has irreversibility. Regardless of the humidity of the external environment, it can maintain more than 35% of the weight of the hygroscopicity, more suitable for low temperature preservation, has an excellent dry hygroscopicity effect, and the price is low.
(2)Silicone desiccant. This desiccant is different varieties of silica gel in hygroscopic pouch packaging, the main raw material silica gel is a high microporous structure of aqueous silica, non-toxic, tasteless, odorless, stable chemical properties, with strong hygroscopic performance. It’s relatively expensive.
4)Self-hot air drying method: it is suitable for those who have no experience in tool and motor handling, but it takes a long time. This method must test the insulation performance of the motor before powering on.
In addition, we also need to remind you that in order to avoid the danger of electric shock caused by water still left inside the machine, confirm that the equipment is thoroughly dried, should also be placed in a ventilated dry place for about a week to use, but also check the grounding wire of the machine, to avoid the grounding wire water short circuit fault.
If you cannot handle the situation by yourself, you are advised to contact our company for testing and maintenance to avoid more serious equipment failure.

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