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Which heating tube is better for aluminum extrusion press

January 08,2020

Many friends who use aluminum extruders will have such troubles. Why does the heating tube of aluminum extruders always break? Today, Xiao Bian summed up a little knowledge about choosing heating tubes for aluminum extrusion machines, hoping to help friends who have troubles.

1. What is the wall thickness of the heating pipe ofthe aluminum extrusion press?
The heating pipes used by different equipment are different, so there are many kinds of heating pipes sold on the market. The temperature ofthe aluminum extrusion pressis very high when working. Naturally, the heating pipes used cannot be too thin, and the wall thickness must be at least 1mm or more.
2. What material should be used for heating pipes of aluminum extrusion machines?
When purchasing heating tubes, the supplier should be told first that the heating tubes are used on aluminum extrusion machines, and the heating tubes used are operated in a high temperature and vibration environment, so the selected heating tubes should be made of high temperature and vibration resistant materials. Therefore, it is necessary to consider two aspects: first, high temperature resistance. It is recommended to choose stainless steel 321 seamless pipe or stainless steel 310S;; Secondly, it should be resistant to vibration, so Ni-Cr resistance wire with good toughness should be selected.
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