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Linija za proizvodnju netkanih tkanina PP Meltblown

Place of Origin: Kina
Brand Name: Jwell
Potvrda: ISO CE
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PP Meltblown Non-woven Fabric is mainly made of polypropylene, and the fiber diameter can reach 1 ~ 5 microns. There are many voids, fluffy structure, and good anti-wrinkle ability. These ultrafine fibers with unique capillary structure increase the number and surface area of fibers per unit area, so that the meltblown cloth has good filterability, shielding, heat insulation and oil absorption . Can be used in the fields of air, liquid filter materials, mask materials, thermal insulation materials, oil-absorbing materials etc.


model Prečnik vijka (mm) Materijal Širina proizvoda (mm) Kapacitet (maks.) Snaga glavnog motora
JWS65 65 pp 800 600-800kg / d 22kw
JWS90 90 pp 1600 1200-1800kg / d 44kw
JWS105 105 pp 2400 2000-2500kg / d 55kw
JWS130 135 pp 3200 3000-3500kg / d 75kw