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CHINAPLAS2018 Excel·lent equipament: línia d’extrusió de geomalla de plàstic

Temps: 2018-04 16-


Application field :  Geogrid plate is new type of geotextile material. Mainly used in geotextile construction for strength the soil, light ,high strength ,elongation low ,acid and alkali resistant difficult corrode,from economic and technique consideration,prior metal and stone , and as high performance and low cost , so it is widely used in water construction, road, railway, coal mine and building field .



1. Norma de seguretat UL ;
2. Disseny d'alta capacitat ;
3. Apte per a ús d'operadors europeus i americans to
4. Sistema hidràulic d'alta eficiència i precisió ;
5. Sistema de control de Siemens, compatible amb el sistema MES ; 
1.Especially for PP/PE material character designed 220mm single screw extruder , not only good plastic effect ,and but also capacity can reach 1200kg/h;
2.Calender forming part use five pieces of calender type , much better to ensure the cooling effect ,and for surface smoothness and flatness ,have good improvement ; 
3.Five groups of roller temperature controller use the most advanced control design ,each pipe for water pressure and water temperature controlling system ,automatic exhaust gas and supply water system ensure the control accuracy of roller calender ;
4.Auxiliary equipment has the waste edge cutting  slitting knife  waste online collecting  multi-component weighing mixture and  automatic feeding .

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