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Suuren halkaisijan HDPE-kiinteäseinäinen putkipuristuslinja

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Suorituskyky & Edut

Extruder is JWS-H series High efficiency, high output single screw extruder. The special screw barrel structure design ensures ideal melt uniformity at lower solution temperatures.Designed for large-diameter pipe extrusion, the spiral distribution structure mold is equipped with an in-mold suction pipe internal cooling system. Combined with a special low-sag material, it can produce ultra-thick-walled, large-diameter pipes.Hydraulic opening and closing two-stage vacuum tank, computerized centralized control and coordination of multiple crawler tractors, chipless cutter and all units, a high degree of automation. The optional wire rope tractor can make the initial operation of the large-caliber

tube more convenient.