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Siostam atharrachaidh sgrion hydraulic

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Double-panel hydraulic non-stop screen changer series:
●Adopts advanced pressure seal technology, through the pressure of polymers to drive seal components, to achieve the best sealing effect and change screen more quickly.
●Using high grade alloy steel, after nitriding process to extended product life span greatly.
●Alternating work mode, can guarantee the material flow continuous, stability and the process parameters of repeatability,when change the screen.
● An dèidh reul-eòlas a thoirt air adhart tro phlàta cealla, gus rùsgadh lionn a ’phròiseas eas-tharraing a lughdachadh.
●Using inner heating device, for the safe and energy-saving. Fully enclosed wires, for the elegant appearance.
●Modular combination patterns, suitable for different standard extrusion machine, and convenient to clean.