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ʻO Jwell JWP PP kiʻi ʻekolu mīkini hoʻohui pono Pelletizing Machine

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ʻO Jwell

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Na Ke Kumu:

This pelletizing extruder has special screw design and different configuration, it is suitable for the recycling of PP, PE,

BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, PA66, etc. Dry film.  The gearbox is high torque designed which attains the functions of low noise

and stable operation. The surface of the screw and barrel have been special treated so that the screw and barrel are

wearable, they have very good plasticization and mixing effect and the production capacity is high. The extruder has

the vacuum vented design which can exhaust the vapor or gas during the production, so that the output are

more stable and the pellets are more uniform.

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