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Pipa Pasokan Air HDPE / Pipa Gas Hemat Energi dan Garis Ekstrusi Kecepatan Tinggi

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The PE PP pipe extrusion line is developed by Jwell based on European advanced technology and R&D experience of the plastic pipe machinery for more than 23 years .
The line is mainly used in the production of water and gas supply , drainage and chemical transportion pipes , which used for agriculture and construction , infrastructure , gas and chemical transportation and other fields . the complete line is consisted of extruder , extrusion mold,vacuum tank ,cooling tanks ,haul off unit ,cutter, stacker and other auxiliary machines.

 Fitur mesin:
1.Advanced SIEMENS computer control system(PLC) to achieve the integration of the whole line and closed-loop control which can realize easy data analysis (energy consumption display and analysis), remote diagnosis (rapid after-sales service), equipment maintenance reminder (humanized reminder), raw material saving (advanced weight control technology to keep pipe wall thickness within a very narrow tolerance range) and so on ;
2.The high output of polyolefin material and the high quality of pipe are obtained by the combination of spiral slotted feeding barrel and BM barrier mixed structure screw with 38 L/D ratio. Hard alloy coated screw and bimetallic barrel can ensure high efficiency operation for long time ;
3.High torque precise gearbox and AC frequency conversion or permanent magnetic servo motor can ensure high output and low energy consumption in long run ;
4.Optimized high speed mold ,multi-disk or wet calibrator can ensure high quality pipe in high speed production ;
5.The unique frequency conversion vacuum automatic control device perfectly solves the noise and realize of energy saving and accurate pipe size;
6.The haul off unit equipped with servo motor ensures wide traction range, high precision synchronous operation and it adopts digital communication interface with extruder ;equipped with stable and perfect incision flying knife cutter (small diameter) and chipless double blades cutter (large diameter) .
7.Changing some parts of the line can also realize two-layer and multi-layer co-extrusion.

Spesifikasi mesin:

Tidak. model mesin extruder Daya motor utama (kw) Diameter pipa (mm) Kapasitas (kg / h) Keterangan
1 MFH-PE32S MFH60/38 110 20-32 400-450 Double pipes
2 MFH-PE63 MFH60/38 90 20-63 300-360
3 MFH-PE63S MFH75/38 160 20-63 500-600 Double pipes
4 MFH-PE110 MFH60/38 110 20-110 400-450
5 MFH-PE160 MFH60/38 110 50-160 400-450
6 MFH-PE250 MFH75/38 132 75-250 450-550
7 MFH-PE315 MFH75/38 160 110-315 500-600
8 MFH-PE500 MFH90/38 200 200-500 650-750
9 MFH-PE630 MFH90/38 250 315-630 900-1000
10 MFH-PE800 MFH120/38 315 400-800 1000-1200
11 MFH-PE1000 MFH120/38 355 500-1000 1200-1400
12 MFH-PE1200 MFH150/38 400 630-1200 1200-1500

Pipe application:

Pipe connection methods:
Thermal fusion welding
Electro fusion welding
Pendahuluan Perusahaan:
Jwell company is one of the biggest manufacturers of plastic extrusion machinery in the world. The production bases of Jwell company cover about 700,000 square meters and are consisted with 6 main production bases, which are located in Shanghai city where the head office of the company locates, Zhoushan City of Zhejiang Province, Taicang City and Liyang City of Jiangsu Province, Haining city of Zhejiang Province and Dongguan City of Guangdong Province. The company has more than 3000 staffs, about 480 technicians and managing staffs among them. And thanks to the high quality research and development groups, experienced electrical and mechanical engineers, advanced machining bases and qualified workshops of the company, we sell more than 2500 advanced extrusion lines every year and export to more than 100 countries.


Marketing team:

Layanan purna jual:

1.The guarantee period is 1 year and service is available lifelong. The cost of broken components will be covered by the buyer, but during guarantee period, the cost of broken components will be covered by the seller, except the easy broken parts and damaged parts by human reasons.
2.Our expert will answer any inquiry within 24-48 hours and it will be solved as soon as possible
3.Buyer can send engineers to our JWELL company for training
4.We supplies the complete technical documents and the relative drawings of the electric components in Chinese and English
5.We will send enough technicians to the Buyer’s company for installation and commissioning of machines.The cost caused by the seller’s technicians in customer’s country (including shuttle trip ticket between China and the Buyer’s country , inland traffic, medical fees, lodging, dinner and so on) will be covered by buyer

1. Jwell adalah produsen mesin ekstrusi plastik terbesar di China. Kami bekerja sama dengan merek terkenal di dunia, peralatan Anda juga dapat dilengkapi dengan merek komponen apa pun yang Anda inginkan.

2. Jwell memiliki jalur uji ekstrusi sekrup parrel kembar dan jalur uji sekrup tunggal. Laboratorium pengujian kami mendukung pengujian Anda di bawah konduksi produksi yang realistis serta lebih meningkatkan teknologi pemrosesan Anda melalui pengujian kami dan membantu Anda memilih jenis peralatan yang tepat.

3. Bekerja dengan Jwell Anda dapat yakin bahwa persyaratan layanan dan pemeliharaan Anda akan didokumentasikan dengan benar dan bahwa Anda memiliki sumber daya dan keterampilan yang tepat sebelum memulai. Tim kami yang berpengalaman akan bekerja dengan Anda untuk mengidentifikasi orang, sumber daya, dan dokumentasi proses yang Anda perlukan untuk mendukung aktivitas pemeliharaan Anda.
4. Jwell memberikan pelatihan teknis, mengemudi dan sistem kepada karyawan dan insinyur dari pemasok dari seluruh dunia.

Semua mesin dikemas oleh tim profesional kami, akan dikemas dengan palet kayu. Untuk beberapa suku cadang penting, kami akan mengemasnya dengan kotak kayu.

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