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HDPE eyi Polymer oké osisi paving slab extrusion akara

Ebe nke Si Malite: China
Ika aha: Uchechi
asambodo: EC ISO
Kacha nta Order ibu: 1
Oge Mbuga ozi: 110 ụbọchị
Ịkwụ Ụgwọ Okwu: 30% ala ugwo site T / T, 70% ezumike ugwo tupu Mbupu site T / T.
Tụkwasịnụ Ikike:
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Composite paving slab is a kind of thermoplastic engineering plastic, swampland anti-slip anti-slip polymer road mat, short-term temporary construction special anti-slip paving slab, with good wear resistance, environmental protection, anti-static, cushioning, moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant, easy to process, Shock absorption, noiseless, economical, non-deformation, impact resistance, self-lubricating, so it is very suitable for paving slabs in places with bad terrain such as deserts and swamps to protect the safety of vehicles on the ground and can be recycled. Save cost and carry weight easily! Light weight, good toughness, reusable!




JW120-1600 JW150-2100 JW170-2600 SJZ80 / 156-1500
ihe onwunwe PP PE ABS PVDF Eyi Pee ABS Eyi Pee ABS PVC
Obosara 1220mm 1500mm 2000mm 1220mm
Ọkpụrụkpụ ngwaahịa 3-30mm 3-30mm 3-30mm 3-30mm
Eme ikike 350kg / h 500kg / h 700kg / h 400kg / h

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