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High-Speed ​​Single ịghasa Extruder Pee / eyi Ugboro abụọ Wall corrugated Pipe Production Line

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Performance & Uru

The corrugated pipe line is the 3rd generation of improved product of Suzhou Jwell. The output of the extruder and the production speed of the pipe are greatly increased by 20-40% compared with the previous product. Online belling can be achieved to ensure the performance of the formed corrugated pipe products. Adopts Siemens HMI system.

● The newly designed closed molding machine adopts a special high-efficiency cooling system for forming aluminum modules, which greatly improves the cooling efficiency in the production of corrugated pipe products;

● High-speed, high-output single-screw extrusion machine supporting a professional design of the corrugated pipe extrusion mould to achieve large-scale stable extrusion;

● Good interchangeability of the module; the aluminum forming module uses LY12 high-quality alloy aviation aluminum material with copper content ≥ 5%, precision pressure casting process, high density material, no light pores, long-term use is not easily deformed. Can customize various module waveform schemes according to the user's requirements;

● Na-akwado onye na-egbu DWC na-akpaghị aka, njikwa kọmputa, ọnọdụ nkwụsị ziri ezi, na-agba ọsọ ma dị mfe ịrụ ọrụ.

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