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PC mpempe akwụkwọ extrusion Line

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Ngwa na Njirimara

Garden, the recreation place, decoration and the corridor pavilion; Internal and external ornaments in the commercial building, curtain wall of the modern urban building; transparent container of aviation, the windscreen before the motorcycle, the plane, the train, the steamer, the submarine, army and police’s shield, the telephone booth, advertising signpost, the advertisement of the lamp houses, the expressway and overhead way of the city partition protective screen.

PC corrugated board nwere kpọkwara nke ọma ihu igwe na-eguzogide ihe onwunwe, mmetụta na-eguzogide, elu ìhè nnyefe.

It is widely used in the roof for warehouses and easy constructions,such as stamming pools,skiing fields,station rest pavilions and so on.

Kpọtụrụ Anyị