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Pranešimas apie pavasario šventės šventę

Laikas: 2018-02-13


Visiems klientams labai pagarbiai:
Per dar vieną dieną, artėjantį tradicinį kinų festivalį, atvyks pavasario festivalis.
Be to, dauguma „Jwell“ žmonių gaus ilgiausias atostogas per metus - nuo 13 m. Vasario 2018 d. Iki 22 m. Vasario 2018 d.
Dėka klientų palaikymo namuose ir užsienyje, kaip visada.


In the past 2017, we held the 20th anniversary of Jwell in the beautiful and picturesque Liyang, more than 500 Chinese and global partners are invited to join the celebration. With the accumulation of Jwell in extrusion technology field, we are not only providing customer with cost-effective equipments, but also more complete solution in innovating plastic processing and producing process. With the rapid development of global information technology, AI technology, we will work with our partners and customers to develop more intelligent and interconnectable equipments. To reduce the labor intensity, make the communication more smooth. Finally, we wish the customers in the new year, Good luck, Good health, Happy in the year of Dog.